Rubino Telescopic Stadium Seat - Prima Seat

Rubino Telescopic Stadium Seat

Product Name: Rubino
Product Code: SF761-T

Width:57 cm
Depth:43 cm
Height:43 cm

Quantity per Package:2
Package Dimensions:57X25X56 cm
Container 40’DC: 1512
TIR 90m³: 2300

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Rubino Telescopic Stadium Seat

It is highly recommended to select the stadium seat specifications according to physical conditions of the assembly location.

  • Produced from original raw material.
  • There is no any scrap raw material used inside the seat and also there is no any additive added to the seat to make the seat
    more heavy. Making the seat heavy is not an advantage it is a disadvantage, because if your seat is durable you do not need
    to make it durable, but if your seat is not durable you need the additives to make it durable by making it heavy.
  • In order to make the seat more resistant to the external factors, UV stabilizer is used.
  • In order to avoid discoloration, colour fastness is used in maximum level
  • It is with TS EN 13200-4 and TS EN 12727 and TS EN 13200-4 certifi cates and production is made according to ISO
    9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 – ISO 45001:2018  Quality Management System.
  • The metal connection parts are with electrostatic painted or galvanized coated, which avoids corrosion.
  • Due to the usage of original raw material, the colours of our seats are bright and shiny.
  • Have orthopedic seating feature, which is comfortable for both the back and legs.
  • The specifi cations of the seats vary from the physical conditions of the usage area.
  • According to our customer requests, our seats can be produced with UV Stabilizer Additives, Flame Retardant Additives,
  • Colour Fastness Additives and Impact Resistant Additives.
SF761-T Rubino Telescopic Stadium Seat Data Sheet