SF785-B Perla Stadium Seat - Prima Seat

SF785-B Perla Stadium Seat

Product Name: Perla
Product Code: SF785-B

Width: 43 cm
Depth: 52 cm
Height: 58 cm

Quantity per Package: 2
Package Dimensions: 101X30X44
Container 40’DC: 800
TIR 90m³: 1350

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Perla Stadium Seat

  • It is completely produced by original ‘’Polyethylene Raw Material’’ with blow molding technique.
  • There is no any non-standard ( recycled ) raw material inside.
  • Seat and back rest are with double walls and durable against impacts. In addition to that, there are ribs under the seat to increase durability.
  • In order to make the seat more durable to UV and to the external factors, UV stabilizer additive is used.
  • Color fastness dyestuffs are us ed is in maximum level in order to avoid discoloration.
  • It is with TS EN 12727 and TS EN 13200-4 certificates and production is made according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • It has orthopedic seating feature and structure of legs and back rest is very comfortable.
  • It is in a structure that pushes the body towards back side and has a design that prevents slipping while seated.
  • Metal parts, composed of two components which are installed the seat and back rest produced by 5 mm thick plates . With these components, , seat and back rest connected to each other and 12 mm thick needle is used in this connection.
  • Metal legs and connection parts are covered with electrostatic paint or galvanised. With this for long years corrosion is avoided.
  • Features of the product can change according to the plac e and physical conditionsof the place.
  • According to customer requests, our seats can be produc ed with UV Stabilizer Additives, Flame Retardant Additives, and Colour Fastness Additives .
  • As it is folded through its center of gravity without a spring, there is no any malfunction in folding mechanism.
  • It includes oval label place with size of 54×83 mm in front of back rest and it includes oval numbering place with size of 29×44 mm at the bottom of seating part that is seen when folded.
  • The seat is installed to a rail mounting and has two mounting holes.
SF785-B Perla Stadium Seat Data Sheet